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Jeff's Links.



Purchase links

Sight Or Sound. Check out samples, comments, and buy the album.

Spotlight on. An early album that features one of Jeff's songs, which received a special mention on the sleeve.


Related sites

Jeff's Youtube channel. This is Jeff's Youtube channel, where he's uploaded lots of videos. Fooling about singing a good number of cover versions, and also a selection of some of his original songs.

Jeff's Myspace page. Check out Jeff's myspace page. It's been running for a few years now, but you wouldn't think so. There's not much on it at the moment. That's being worked on :)

Jeff's main blog. Jeff runs several Blogs, but this is his main one. This is a diary of events and progress from his point of view. Updated regularly.

Jeff Edwards on Facebook. This is Jeff's Facebook page.


Sites of interest

Ulf Pettersson. His official website. Ulf is a great and experienced Swedish musician who writes music for film and television, and has developed a few songs with Jeff. The accommodation contact site that's FREE!
If you have a house, flat, villa, caravan, apartment. even if you have a spare room you want to rent out for a week in the summer. Then Megabunk is for you. Also you can promote your events on Megabunk and have them listed alonsgside the accommodation search results.

Aineo Music theory online. An excellent music site created by a friend with tips and tricks on created music, and some quality audio downloads for you to enjoy.




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