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Audio Catalogue.

Links, videos, free mp3's and information about some of the the songs of Jeff Edwards.

 Sight Or Sound - The Album

01 - Soaked to the bone Soundclip  
02 - So blue Soundclip Youtube vid
03 - Convey Soundclip Youtube vid
04 - Take me home Soundclip Youtube vid
05 - Don't wish it away Soundclip Youtube vid
06 - Broadcast fantasy Soundclip Youtube vid
07 - Keep on waiting (The stood up song). Soundclip  
08 - Escape Soundclip Youtube vid
09 - Twist of fate Soundclip Youtube vid
10 - Blow away Soundclip Youtube vid
11 - Unknown Soundclip  
12 - Counting down the days Soundclip  
13 - Sight Or Sound Soundclip Youtube vid
14 - When I grow Soundclip Youtube vid
15 - You think it's all over Soundclip  

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Free mp3 Downloads!!

Here is a selection of original songs written by Jeff Edwards that are available to download free as 192k Stereo mp3's. Click to open in your default player, or "Right Click and Save As" to save a copy of the song on your computer.

Why don't you ask?
Anybody there?
All of the time
Tell me why
I understand
She freaks

You can also download instrumental versions of some of Jeff's songs that are on youtube at

Notes on songs

Here's a few notes about some of Jeff's songs.


Stuck in constant turmoil. This applies to relationships where there is little peace. It's the feeling of wanting to be somewhere else, when the other party starts playing psychological games. There's quite a few people out there that will identifiy with this.

I understand

This one is a bit of a twist around. It's like saying "I understand your frustration at me because I'm weird"! It's about an indecisive dreamer in a relationship. The guitar is hauntingly discordant. Twisted by the background effects.

Anybody there

This is one of those songs that erupts into life at the end with some simple yet grinding guitar. Ever tried desperately to get in contact with someone without succeeding. I think the person in this song knows just what that feels like.


This sounds like it belongs in a James Bond movie. Though its meaning is a world apart. There are people in life that seem to think that getting one up on someone else is the most important thing. Without regard for the feelings of others. Especially those closest to them.

You think it's all over

This was originally a sports song for the soccer world cup, and it was called "They think it's all over" after the famous kenneth wolstenholme quote. It was played a number of times on Spirit FM radio station in the south of England. There are many songs that have been converted into sports songs, but this is probably one of the first to be converted the other way.

When I grow

Sticking together through thick and thin. This is for those unbreakable relationships, and unbreakable friendships. It's a statement that whatever problems are there to face, they are there to face together.

She freaks

This particular song has been played on several internet radio stations and features the talented guitar playing of Jeff's good friend "Steve Morgan". Expect to see more material produced by this partnership. The song is about a mis-matched relationship between a calm male (the voice) and an unreasonable and violent woman (the guitar).

So blue

This one is a little odd in the arrangement, yet somehow it's fitting. It's about showing a happy face to the world, yet inside, your world is falling apart. Nearly everybody gets these feelings at some points in their lives.

Twist of fate

This is a lesson never to tempt fate, because it has an unnerving coming back at you in the only way you didn't think of. This is a two part song. Gentle beginnings with descriptive words. Then heavier endings repeating the disbelief. It happens to all of us.

All of the time

This is about someone who goes head on into a relationship, only to find that their partner suddenly wakes up scared of the seriousness of it all. It's an attempt at reassuring words.


This has to be about the misty line between liking and loving. You know when you're not, and you know when you are, but discovering the point it all turned round is the most difficult pin down.




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