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About Jeff Edwards .


Jeff Edwards was born in Chiswick, West London on July 11th 1965. From an early age, he had a fascination with music and quickly got together a record collection. His tastes were wide ranging then, and that still rings true today.

Initially, Jeff wrote poetry. A lot of poetry. He also tried his hand at a bit of art. His ambitions gathered pace after he wrote a mini book of poetry, and he turned his creative interests towards music. This was all before he reached 10!!!


After leaving school he moved from job to job. Finally settling into an I.T. Career. Computer engineering was to launch his working life. This he pursued for 5 years. After a break of nearly 3 years he re-launched his career in the direction of computer programming. During the course of his rise through that part of his career, he became an expert in computer telephony, and a number of programming languages. Jeff is now an active director in a small computer company. His efforts are mainly focused on web development and programming.


During his career he has written many songs, and collaborated with musicians from places such as the USA, Canada and Sweden, as well as other artists in the UK. A lot of his early material is mainly lyrical, and you may notice that his lyrical talents are a little bit special. It must have been all that poetry as a child. His favourite toys are a couple of guitars. Jeff has composed over 200 songs in the last 4 years. You'll find a selection of his compositions in the Audio Catalogue. Album track samples, links to videos and some free mp3 downloads.

Has he had any exposure?

He won a competition to appear on a T.V. Show several years ago. Other than that, he has had one of his tracks released on a 'Best of new talent' compilation CD that is currently on sale, The track received reviews that were extremely positive. His track even got a special mention in the booklet! 2006, as we all know, was World Cup year. After listening to all the junky World Cup songs on the radio, he was quoted as saying "I could write something better than that". He was issued the challenge, and put together a track in one day. Shortly after, the song was played on Spirit FM, and was called "Brilliant". They voted it the second best world cup song they had heard. Praise indeed, for an afternoons work.

Jeff has digitally released a collection of songs through popular demand. Songs written and aried over the last few years. The titlle of the album is "Sight Or Sound", and it's available on CDBaby, Itunes, Amazon and many other digital outlets.

What's he up to at the moment?

Getting involved in the marketing and promotion of his own music. Writing more new songs and networking with other musicians and industry professionals. Honing his production skills through experimentation.

The future?

Now that the album "Sight Or Sound" is out there. Jeff plans to get together a group of musicians for a collaborative and themed album project. Putting all their talents and ideas into one big pot and giving it a mighty stir. Hopefully to make a tasty stew of original material.


Well, he doesn't have a bad voice, but it seems his ambitions are more in the songwriting area. He might take part in a band in the future if there was an offer that was too good to refuse. Who knows. The quality of his writing talents are plain to see. So, if you don't hear him singing, you're likely to hear his words embedded on the albums of various other commercial artists.


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